A woman holding a mug wearing a white gown - menopause fashion

Conscientiously Fashioned

So many mature women are overlooked by the fashion industry.  Especially those who experience the symptoms of menopause, chronic health conditions and/or disability. 

We are here to improve your comfort and help you sleep well with our ethically made fashion and luxury women's sleepwear collections.

A silhouette of a women in front of a lake to represent ethically made fashion

For People and Planet

We know our customers’ needs and we’re passionate about making a difference. We now manufacture, ethically at our Sewing Hub in Southampton, UK and carefully source natural ‘breathable' organic fabrics wherever possible. Our sleepwear and fashion can be customised to suit your needs - whether you need breathable fabric for hot weather or are looking for the best hot flash relief.

So many mature women are overlooked by the fashion industry. We're here to help you make choices that let you sleep at night... figuratively and metaphorically!