Sleepwear for women experiencing menopause, chronic illness and/or disability

The Collections


We have used an organic cotton/bamboo mix in many of our styles for this collection.  The perfect fabric for a comfortable, improved sleep.  Lightweight and breathable with an amazing 8% stretch, the designs will offer you support and won't cut you up. 

Styling and designing in the stretch helps prevent that ‘tangled’ feeling we get if we’re restless.  If you experience, night sweats/hot flushes, throw off the covers and feel immediate relief, without the chill that often follows.  

Currently we have a tee-nightie in stock (dual sizing 10-24).  You can also order the two-piece Camisole/Culotte set, and the negligée.  Soon to come: sleep shorts and bra and a front-fastening negligée and cotton night-shirt.

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    Why Conscientiously Fashioned?

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    In order to protect our beautiful planet, and reduce our impact on natural resources, we need to consider how our choices have an impact. What we buy, choose to wear, what we use, throw away, how we travel... everything. It's not easy. For those of us who are privileged enough to be able to make these choices, we can make a difference. Conscientiously Fashioned is making locally and reducing manufacturing miles, hence reducing environmental impact, we pay living wages and above to reflect the skills required in making your sleepwear, this contributes positively to our social and economic impact.  We take great care and have pride in our work and do our utmost to ensure we know those we work with because so many workers suffer at the hands of the fashion industry and they will usually be women'.

    Suzie Carley - founder of Conscientiously Fashioned and the Southampton Sewing Hub

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