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Suzie Carley - Conscientiously Fashioned



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The soft caress of this Merino wrap will keep you warm and snug when needed.  Drape with ease over sleepwear

The extra layer rests on your shoulders and is so easy to remove when needed - perfect for those hot and cold flashes. When experiencing menopausal symptoms or perhaps a shoulder injury or disability, it can be frustrating and exhausting to keep removing jumpers and cardigans.  

With a front tie, and pockets, the ‘cardi-cape’ is easily undone and dropped from the shoulders as soon as you feel that heat creeping over you like an internal furnace, it’s the best hot flash relief without resorting to medicine for hot flushes.  Just as instantly, when you get the after chill, simply pop back on.  It’s a much calmer way of cooling down without attracting unwanted attention.  

Dual Use:  The stylish design gives you many options for wear... e.g. relaxing on the sofa, reading in bed, OR, it would be the ideal accessory when out and about especially in a confined space such as the theatre or cinema.  Probably the most useful item in your wardrobe which with care will last years!

Wash by hand, flat dry, DO NOT tumble dry. 
Ethically made fashion - made ethically in a vetted design centre, Leicester UK

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